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Antenna built-in LTE adaptor SL-U110

Communication module KYM11 compatible with KDDI 4G LTE. Enables you to enjoy rapid Internet, reaching up to 75Mbps. Contains an LTE antenna, and a GPS antenna inside.
Compact and cheap, but containing high grade equipment.

This adaptor can be used for many purposes such as remote observation or control of industrial equipment, LBS, field of security, operating control of bus and trucks, etc..

This product can be used in variety of fields such as remote observation/control, management of location information, etc..

SL-U110 features

Covered areasCovers a whole part of Japan using KDDI’s LTE networks.
Internal antennaLTE and GPS antennas equipped. However, external antennas are also fixable depending on the purposes.
Light and smallCompact shape and light weight (only 68g), with antennas inside.
SIM card slot equippedDrop in type SIM, Ordinary SIM card compatible
2ways of chargingCompatible with USB bass power and external battery charging.
Usable under variety of environments.Compatible with DC4V~24V. works even under temperature of 20~+60℃.

Device / module features

External dimension77×56×20mm (with projecting part)
LED indicationPower status, radio wave status, connection status
External terminalsSMA-J antenna connector (Main, Sub)
※antenna switching system (internal antenna / external antenna)
USB portsMale USB2.0 Type A
※Does not support serial interface
Operating temperature−20℃ ~+60℃ (avoid condensation)
■battery feature
USB bass powerDC5V 1.1A
※devices based on USB2.0 need external battery charging.
External chargingDC +4V ~ +24V
Power consumptionMaximum 5.5W
Average 2.6W
■Communication feature
Communication system4G LTE
Receiving75Mbps Maximum
Transmitting25Mbps maximum
■Supported OS

Windows7(32bit/64bit)/ Windows8(32bit/64bit)、Linux2.6.38 or later (To be updated)

This device is exclusively for use in Japan