Wireless Floating Fish FInder


Sale Exhibition Opening! Visit our stand in JOHSHUYA ATSUGI SHOP on Sat. 11/29, from 13:00 to 19:00.
SONA.rBall app for Android upgraded to Version 2.0.0!
SONA.rBall app for iOS upgraded to Version 2.0.0!
Sale Exhibition Opening! Visit our stand in Johshuya Shibuya shop on Fri. 9/12, from 15:00 to 20:00.
New Sale Exhibition Opening! Visit our stand in Johshuya Ikebukuro shop on Fri. 9/19 and Sat. 9/20.
SONA.rBall was introduced in the NHK channel popular morning TV Show “Ohayo Nippon – Machikado-shitsu” on July 23rd!
SONA.rBall won the "Best New Accessory" Award while exhibiting in EFTTEX 2014, Brussels (Belgium)!
Come and try SONA.rBall in Johshuya Kannai Shop 5/23 & 5/24 from 13:00 to 18:00! Download the app in advance! ☆~
The iOS app has been released. You can download it here.
We held a display and explanation exhibition about SONA.r Ball in Joshuya Ikebukuro store and shibuya store, on the 5th and 6th of April.
SONA.rBall launch all over the country in all fishing tackles shops on April 1st!
Android version app [SONA.r Ball] was released.

Enter the fish world!
Floating and wireless fish sonar!

SONA.r Ball – Fishing reports

Send us your fishing reports!

Send us your pictures and comments of fishes you caught thanks to SONA.rBall to SONA.rBall@cho-co.jp, and we will post them in this corner.

Become a fishing master from your 1st day with SONA.rBall!

SONA.rBall was introduced on bs251 “Tsuri Vision” channel in "Gear Station" show!




Powerful scan features

Powerful scan features

Scan water up to 40 meters depth, to clearly see where fishes are hiding. Perfect to choose your fishing spot!

The world's first smartphone cooperation fish finder

The world’s first fish finder wirelessly linked to your smartphone!

Thanks to the Bluetooth wireless technology, no need to buy another expensive sonar monitor. Moreover, enjoy its intuitive application through your smartphone which you are familiar with.

excellent durability

Excellent durability

Made of silicon and polycarbonate, it will be hard for you to break it even by having it hit the shores’ rocks.

Rechargeable battery

8 hours of use with full battery charge.

Use in other fields possible!

SONA.rBall is not limited to the Fishing field. You can measure the water temperature and the depth of the sea or lake (etc.), before scuba-diving for example. You are the one to choose the way you want to use it!


Maximum scanned depth: 30~40m
Maximum scanned diameter: 15m(at 30m depth)
Bluetooth maximum range: 15-30M
Material: Polycarbonate, Silicon
Maximum duration of the battery : 6-8 hours (When fully charged)
Weight: 117g
Size: 6.86cm (diameter)


Easy Pairing with SONA.rBall

Using Bluetooth to pair with your smartphone is easy. Available for iOS and Android. Most smartphones are supported.

2 display types available

The ”Fish View” and “Sonar View” are available as Scan mode. Choose the type you like to support your fishing life.

Check the tide table and moon phase table

You can view the tide and moon phase tables to support your fishing strategy. By checking the fishing spot info, you will not miss your catch timing anymore.

Catch up the fishing spots information

You can check the newest information of your fishing spots by viewing fishing reports made by other SONA.rBall users. The perfect tool to choose your spot of the day! (※Soon available through the app update)