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Josiah Speaker

Josiah is made by the traditional Craftsmen Brian Challinor in England Ceramic village, “Stoke-on-Trent”. Josiah was created with the same ritual as these UK plates and tea pots, proud of 400 years of history. The fine quality of craftwork from UK is not only beautiful by its appearance, but is also equipped with wireless audio streaming speaker. Only Josiah can fulfill both areas of art and modern technology!


  1. Control Power ON / OFF and Volume UP / DOWN with just a touch on the ceramic.
  2. Connection with Smartphones by NFC
  3. No buttons or lights create a softer music tone and texture
  4. Trendy design for your interior
  5. Portable speaker carriable anywhere in your house.

Product Details

Dimension:15cm x 25cm x 10cm
10W Full Range Speaker
Output: 80~100 dB
Chargeable Lithium Battery(5V)
Battery Charging Time:3h max
Battery Running Time:8h max
NFC Pairing Featured
Power ON/OFF & Volume UP/DOWN Touch Sensor
Bluetooth 3.0 +EDR, within 15m(Without Obstacles)